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Supermicro Blade System Rental Up to (6) 7U Servers in (1) 42U Render Rack

  • Supermicro 7U enclosure includes
    • 3+1 Redundant 2500W (200~240VAC Input) Power Supplies(Details)

    • 1x Chassis Management (Details)

    • 1x 1/10-Gigabit Ethernet layer 2/3 switch (Details)

    • 1x Rail Kit

  • Holds 10 "TWIN BLADES" (20 nodes)
  • Each "TWIN BLADE" consists of two "Render Nodes"
    • Each "Render Node" has:
      • 2 x E5-2600 Series CPUs
      • 64GB RAM (Up to 256GB)
      • 1 x 1TB SATA drive
Supported CPUs
Core CPU Speed Wattage Reference
 4-core  E5-2637v4  3.5GHz  135W V45290
 6-core  E5-2643v4  3.4GHz  135W  V45441
 8-core  E5-2650v2  2.6GHz  95W  V25401
 8-core  E5-2630v3  2.4GHz  85W  V35550
 8-core  E5-2667v4  3.2GHz  135W  V40981
 10-core  E5-2690v2  3.0GHz  130W  V25781
 10-core  E5-2650v3  2.3GHz  105W  V35990
 10-core  E5-2640v4  2.4GHz  90W  V40880
 12-core  E5-2695v2  2.4GHz  115W  V20212
 12-core  E5-2697v2  2.7GHz  130W  V20732
 12-core  E5-2680v3  2.5GHz  120W  V35551
 14-core  E5-2695v3  2.3GHz  120W  V35902
 14-core  E5-2697v3  2.6GHz  145W  V35932
 14-core  E5-2680v4  2.4GHz  120W  V45751
 14-core  E5-2690v4  2.6GHz  135W  V45491
 16-core  E5-2698v3  2.3GHz  135W  V30882
 18-core  E5-2699v3  2.3GHz  145W  V30573
 18-core  E5-2697v4  2.3GHz  145W  V45942
 20-core  E5-2698v4  2.2GHz  135W  V40592
 22-core  E5-2699v4  2.2GHz  145W  V40593
Shipping Information
Item  Carton Dimensions Weight Qty
 Chassis  40" x 25" x 25"  150 lbs  x1
Each TWIN Blade  27" x 14" x 7"  20 lbs  x10
 2x PDU  27" x 14" x 7"  21 lbs  x1