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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about American Computers & Engineers, or if you need support, please give us a call at 310-268-0500 or send us an email at

1) What is the minimum rental period? --- All rentals are for a minimum period of one month. For exceptions, please see Paragraph 2.
2) Exception: --- Should a "long-term" customer require a rental for less than one month, and should ACE agree "before" the order is accepted, said customer will still have to commit      to a 1-month rental, but expect ACE to purchase back the remaining unused time at 50% of its value.
3) How are rental extensions dealt with? --- Once the first month is over, rental charges will be prorated on a daily basis.
4) How is the rental period determined? --- The rental period starts on the day equipment leaves our office, and ends on the day equipment returns to our office.
5) Are there any advantages to longer term rentals? --- On the third month of a rental, and on each odd-numbered month after that, the monthly charge is reduced by 5%, provided      the client’s account is in good standing, and all payments were made within the extended credit terms. For this discount to apply, the client's purchase order must be "open-ended."      No such discount is extended to clients who issue new purchase orders for rental extensions. Click on "See chart" below. SeSee chart.
6) Can a rental be converted into a purchase? --- At any time during the rental, the customer has the option to convert the rental into a purchase (except for the Mac and iMac). The      purchase price is determined by the published retail price at the start of the rental, minus 50% of the rental accrued on the day the customer agrees to the conversion. The 50%      deduction is on an item per item basis, and is not to be construed as a credit. It is not transferable from one item to another. Click on "See chart" below. SeSee chart.
7) Pick-up and delivery policy. --- Our prices are determined on the basis of the customer picking up the equipment from our office on the day the rental starts, and returning the      equipment back to our office on the day the rental ends. Any other arrangements are to be negotiated on a case by case basis. See Section 5 of our Rental Agreement: Delivery: ACE      is located in the West Los Angeles area of Los Angeles County. It is not in the business of arranging, delivering or shipping equipment outside of its immediate area. Unless      otherwise agreed, the Equipment shall be either picked up by CUSTOMER or shipped to CUSTOMER at CUSTOMER’s expense to a location agreed upon by ACE and CUSTOMER.       CUSTOMER understands that its shipping/transportation time is included in the Rental Term.
8) Repairs. --- Should a rental item malfunction, it is the user’s responsibility to bring it back to AC&E for repair or exchange. Most of the time, a system malfunctions due to software      issues. In such cases, it is recommended that the user discuss the issue with one of our technicians before returning the system for repair or exchange. Should shipments be      involved, all shipping costs will be the user’s responsibility.
Note to first-time customers
Step 1 --- Before we can send you a first quote, we ask that you send us your W-9 Form, along with your billing & shipping addresses, so that we may determine your sales tax.
Step 2 --- Once you approve our quote, we will send you a Rental Agreement for your signature.
Step 3 --- As soon as we receive your signed agreement, we will inform you as to when the order will be ready for pickup or shipment.
Step 4 --- In general, we ask our new customers to prepay for the first month's rental.

Payment Methods
We accept payment via check.
We accept payment via wire transfer.
We accept payment via credit card provided customer agrees to pay a 3% surcharge.